An integrative approach to your wellbeing

In brief, counselling and therapy are about helping you feel more comfortable and better enabled to cope with things – helping you feel integrated, whole.

Through working with me it is my hope that you will begin to feel more at peace with yourself, with an enhanced sense of direction and understanding and, ultimately, that you will feel more empowered.




There’s quite a lot to read here and I trust that I’ve been as informative as you need. If anything remains unanswered for you please do get in contact with me. Click on a link to go directly to a question, or scroll down to read through all of the FAQ information.

What kind of counsellor are you?
In which areas do you specialise?
What will it be like?
How long might this process take?

What kind of counsellor are you?

In brief, counselling and therapy are about helping you feel more comfortable and better enabled to cope with things – helping you feel integrated, whole.

I am a fully qualified counsellor, registered with the BACP and trained in integrative methods. I am experienced with using a range of approaches and, through informal assessment of your situation, will use those most appropriate for you and your wellbeing. I don’t believe there is one ‘right’ way for any of us, with any thing.

This applies to one-to-one individual sessions with adults or young people, groups or family work. For example, sometimes short-term ‘solution focussed’ therapy achieves positive results, as does longer term ‘depth’ work. Also beneficial are elements of mindfulness and meditation or other experiential, creative and external nature/outdoor focussed approaches, all of which I have personal and professional interests in and experience of.

I will support you whilst you work towards feeling more in control of and empowered with your situation so that, over time, you will begin to feel more able to manage things from a new and different perspective. Counselling and therapy help you feel supported and heard, your thoughts and experiences validated, and enable you to feel reminded of and more in touch with your inner strengths and resources.

For your peace of mind when seeking a counsellor/psychotherapist with whom to work, it is always wise to ask about their qualifications and, importantly, ensure that their work is clinically supervised and that they are registered with an appropriate professional organisation. You are entitled to view evidence of their credibility if you wish – after all, you will be placing enormous trust in this person.

In which areas do you specialise?

While I specialise in working with children and young people, and people living with cancer or other chronic health conditions, I have experience in supporting others in a wide range of focus areas, such as:

  • abuse
  • ADHD
  • adoption
  • addiction
  • anger management
  • anxiety & stress
  • Asperger’s & autism
  • bereavement, loss & grief
  • bullying – school/workplace
  • CBT
  • cancer & chronic illness
  • childhood related issues
  • chronic fatigue / ME

  • confidence & self esteem
  • cultural issues
  • depression
  • disability
  • dissociation
  • domestic violence
  • eating disorders
  • EAP
  • equality issues
  • family difficulties
  • gender issues
  • general worries
  • health related issues
  • infertility

  • life coaching
  • mindfulness
  • OCD
  • personal development
  • phobias
  • post traumatic stress / PTSD
  • relationship difficulties
  • self harm
  • sex related issues
  • sexual identity
  • sexuality
  • spirituality
  • trauma
  • work related issues

What will it be like?

Making the decision to seek confidential support is sometimes difficult and unnerving, yet in itself can be a helpful stage in your process. With an experienced counsellor who offers sensitive and compassionate guidance and support the discomfort of working with difficult feelings can be greatly reduced.

A really positive, empathic relationship is something that we will take some time to cultivate at the start of your sessions. It is important that you feel fully able to express yourself openly and honestly in a non-judgemental, safe and confidential environment. You are the true expert in your situation—part of my role is to help you recognise and become fully aware of that, as well as helping you to embrace and embody the true you.

Above all, I believe that the counselling process and relationship will ultimately be a positive experience for you. Together we can sensitively explore how you can take steps to move from where you are to where you want to be.

How long might this process take?

This is something that can be decided during your assessment (the initial session) or reviewed as we work together over the forthcoming weeks. You may clearly feel from the outset that you only need a short number of sessions; or you may wish to engage with your process and see where it takes you and what unfolds. I am experienced in working with people for both time limited periods and longer time frames.

It is important for you to know that if ever I feel that you would benefit from an onward referral to an alternative practitioner or organisation I will always discuss this with you – your wellbeing is paramount and I will not, of course, be the best person for everyone every time.

Sessions will last for 50 minutes, this is generally considered to be the ‘therapeutic hour’.

If you don’t live close to my location, or you live overseas, we can work online.




“Louise was very professional, supportive and helped me to understand that having boundaries with family is okay and I don't have to feel guilty for having boundaries. She made me feel comfortable in our sessions and guided me along the way to address things I intially felt uncomfortable with. I now feel equipped with many tools to deal with difficult situations and am more confident in dealing with conflict. I would highly recommend Louise if you are looking for a therapist.”
--Adult Client

“I have found her to be very professional, she has a lot of integrity and really cares about the wellbeing of her clients.”
--Adult Client

“Louise is a very sincere and genuine person. She listens with respect and sensitivity and communicates openly and honestly. Her approach is always closely informed by her professional guidelines. Louise is thoughtful and trustworthy when dealing with people and their concerns.”
--Adult Client

“Louise has supported my son, and our family, through a very difficult and challenging time. She offers a very professional and caring service.”
--Parent of a Young Client

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